Daily Affirmations With Kate Davis

Here is something every freelancer and every writer knows: it’s lonely and difficult to spend hours everyday trying, unsure if any of your hard work will pay off at all.

Even if you are lucky enough to have a partner/family/friends as support, you still are mostly alone in your endeavors.  And you are probably receiving more rejections (or worse no response at all) than you are paycheck and praise.

So with that in mind I’ll share with you an affirmation/self pep-talk I wrote for myself a few months ago:

I won’t waste my time being a victim. I won’t let negative people or thoughts distract me or hold me back. I know my worth and I won’t let myself or anyone else convince me I’m worth less. I won’t dwell in setbacks or let them slow me down. I’ll remember always who I am, what’s valuable in me. I’ll remember who I wanted to be, and work to become that person. I’ll be flexible in my expectations.

I am smart, I am kind, I am compassionate, I am talented, I am anything but average, I am stronger than most people. I have done things in my life so far that most people will only dream of, and the best is yet to come. I have within myself everything I’ll ever need.

A bad day is just that, one bad day. And when they add up to bad months and bad years, they won’t define my life, they will simply stand as markers for how much better things will be, and how sweet that will taste. I will have the capacity to truly appreciate my life because of my struggles.


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