UPDATED: Wonderful Curmudgeon Maurice Sendak Probably Thought you had a “Terrible Quality of Ordinariness”

The rule of threes says that Maurice Sendak is number two after MCA’s passing on Friday (could famed 39-pound “Meow the Cat” count as #3?). But regardless of if his death comes as part of a celebrity trifecta, now seems like an appropriate time to reflect on not only his genius, but the misanthropic sharp-witted nature of a man who had little use for pandering and believed radically that childeren are people that you don’t have to talk down to.

Check out his awesome interview with Stephen Colbert from earlier this year:

Although I (hopefully) have many years ahead of me, I do kind of share his views on e-books:  “Fuck those e-books! They can not be the future– they may well be– but I’ll be dead and I won’t give a shit!” There is something about a printed book–especially a picture book, but always a real tangible book that you can dog ear and love that your stupid phone can never match. NEVER. My mom’s taped copy of Grapes of Wrath with her maiden name and notes written in the margins beats your iphone, ipad and kindle every single time.  I feel you Sendak, you big grump.

UPDATE 5/9/12:

This is a wonderful touching video of Maurice Sendak on his life, what he loved, and death.


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  1. I love that he interviewed with Colbert. I read his books to my nephew all the time before he goes into nap and I was devastated by the news. The best two things about him is that he’s witty, and humble. In every interview practically, he says that his work didn’t matter.

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