The next, next big thing: Tweaking Pinterest

Even though I’ve written about the shaky grey area of copyright issues that it the social sharing site Pinterest, I’m still kind of addicted. I have a few theories on what makes Pinterest so appealing (the main one being that its a visual representation of what we wish our lives were: the hair, make up and clothes we wish we were stylist enough to put together, the luxurious and organized homes and gardens we wish we had, the places we can’t afford to travel to, the crafts we don’t have time to do, the weddings we never had, the inspirational quotes we don’t live by. In short Pinterest let’s us see the lives we aren’t good enough to live.)

So first comes Facebook, then comes Twitter, then comes foursquare (kindof), then comes Instagram, then comes Pintestest. What’s the next big website that you’ll waste all of your time on? Probably not one of these new Pinterest spoof sites. But they are fun none-the-less.

1)Pinstagram, which uses the famous waterfall layout of Pinterest to create a platform for viewing your Instagram photos on the web.

2) Pictureless Pinterest, ” The best of Pinterest without having to look at the pictures.” Basically one sentence description of pinterest postings. Pretty funny. Example post: “Celebrity Ryan Gosling is snarling in a picture, but remains attractive.” and ” wrought-iron canopy bed in a meadow.”

Oh and if you’re interested in my photos of things I think are drool-worthy, you can always:

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