How we’ve been “Photoshopping” Women for over 60 years

I blog at regularly, and I write frequently about Photoshop–the countless crazy ways women’s bodies are altered (or their clothes removed). But today I did a post with a link to a gallery of images of the before and afters of 1940s and 50s pin-up illustrations.  Turns out these now iconic images were based on photos that the artist took the liberty of removing clothing, slimming down thighs and waists, and adding hair and make-up.


The before and afters are fascinating to look at, especially since as a culture we always point to the  Marilyn Monroe-era of the pin up girl as a time when curvy size 10 bodies were worshiped. It’s just disappointing that nearly every image we’ve ever been shown of a woman’s form (even “curvy” ones) had to be whittled down, gussied up, or stripped down.


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