Raps for Nerds/Raps about Words.

Today I offer, with little commentary, three awesome rap videos about writing, grammar, and reading. Being smart is cool, and if this is what it takes to get people to use your and you’re properly, I’m totally on board.

First: Your vs. You’re by “The fastest white rapper”

“See this one belongs to you and this one is something you are it’s true”

Next: A rap for my fellow journalists, The Elements of Style Rap by Columbia grad students Jake Heller and Ben Teitelbaum.

“Split infinitive, never definitive, sounds unintelligent, dumb and ineloquent. Just say it like you meant, always write with intent.”

And finally, one that was posted a few months ago on my Book Club’s page. La Shea Delaney  & Annabelle Quezada’s “Bitches in Bookshops”

“You use a Kindle? I carry spines, supporting bookshelves like a bra–Calvin Klein.”




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