Aaaaand…I’m Back!

Phew!  I’m back from my wedding and honeymoon and re-adjusting to normal life. I’m still processing the events of my life from the last two weeks (see a brief wedding-related post here). And after not reading or watching any news for two weeks, I’m really trying to catch up on the events in the world beyond my newlywed bubble–seems there’s something of a Zombie Apocalypse, Ray Bradbury died, Belmont  Stakes was one too many for I’ll Have Another, and well, probably a lot of other important things happened.

It’s a strange feeling to come back and see how quickly life moves in the world and also in the personal lives of your friends–a two week hiatus from email and Facebook can make you feel very out of touch. But I’ve always been a firm believer that the best parts of life take place when you disconnect, and as dependent as we are on technology we wouldn’t miss it too much if it went away for a little bit. And I didn’t–I enjoyed my wedding and honeymoon and was grateful to spend that time wholly in the company of my friends, family and new husband.

So that’s it for now. I’m back. I’m married. And tomorrow, back to finding interesting things on the internet to talk about!


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