This Month in My NYC

There is so much happening in My NYC in the next  few weeks, so instead of  another “this weekend in my NYC” post, this one will feature all of my plans for the rest of the month. I’ll likely follow it up with an overall what I’m doing this summer post. But for now, here it goes, (what’s left of ) My June 2012 in NYC:

Thursday 6/14: Mark and I entered the online lottery for Shakespeare in the Park and won tickets to see “As You Like It” last night. I’ve lived here for 7 years (Mark has lived her for 13) and this was the first time either of us went to Shakespeare in the Park–people wait in line all day for the free tickets for these shows and I can see why–it was amazing. I really want to get to see “Into the Woods” in July or August as well.

Friday 6/15: I don’t know if we’ll actually make it to this tonight, but no matter because it’s offered every 3rd Friday from June-September: the Down & Derby Roller Disco at Dekalb Market. Last year we went to the pop-up roller rink under the Highline, and it awakened in my long lost love of having four-wheels on each foot. I picked up a sweet rainbow striped pair of skates for $9 at a thrift store and now I can’t wait to roller disco it up to 70s and 80s music. Also you should shop and eat at at the Dekalb Market at anytime during the summer–it’s an awesome market made in shipping containers with lots of great stores and yummy food (I got a cool little red riding hood teapot and a had one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches of my life there during my birthday weekend in April).

Saturday 6/16: It’s our friend Bryan’s birthday and he has planned a ridiculous 19-stop food tour..I can’t eat that much but we plan to join him for a few of the stops like brunch at  Two Boots (514 2nd St. near 7th Ave in Park Slope) and ” Life Altering Doughnuts” at Doughnut Plan (379 Grand St. on Norfolk). We also plan to go for a long bike ride, stopping at various thrift stores and if we get hungry again, stopping by the Smorgasburg at the Brooklyn Flea.

Sunday 6/17:  This will be our first of at least two visits to the amazing Governors Island  for the Jazz Age Lawn Party. I’ve become something of a Jazz Age enthusiast in the past year. I wrote an article about  Jazz Age art for Time Out New York a few months ago, and since then have gone to several 20s-themed parties. This party is not only at a beautiful location, but has great music, old timey cars, dance lessons, and so many awesome outfits. We’ll be back to dance it up 20s style again for the August 18 & 19 event. Plus I plan to cross another life long goal off my list there this summer by renting and riding a bicycle built for two.

Monday 6/18: The first of the summer outdoor movies in Bryant Park: Psycho (we will visit many of the others like Movies with a View in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and Hudson River Movies, later in the summer)

Wednesday 6/20: In the afternoon I’ll be doing yoga in the middle of Times Square as part of the Solstice in Time Square: Mind Over Madness Yoga, then that evening I’ll laugh for free at the Comedy Central: Indecision in the Park at the Central Park SummerStage.

Thursday 6/21: If I didn’t get enough free outdoor yoga on Wednesday I’ll go to my first of many free yoga in Prospect Park from Bend and Bloom Yoga this evening.

Saturday 6/23: This will be my 2nd year marching in and 7th year attending the Coney Island Mermaid Parade–it’s one of my favorite events of the Summer.

Monday 6/25: Our first Yankee game of the season. My husband is a huge Yankee fan and since knowing him I’ve gotten slightly more into the sport–I don’t know that I’ll ever enjoy watching it on TV, but going to a game in person is always a fun event.

Tuesday 6/26: The Ultimate 90s Trivia Night with NY1 Pat Kiernan at the Bell House.  There are 4 things that make this perfect for me: 1) I love the 90s–it was my hay day, 2) I love Trivia and am married to a trivia know it all 3) I love NY1 and Pat Kiernan 4) the Bell House is one of my favorite venues for shows.  We are going with two of our friends that also love 90s and trivia- it’s going to be legendary!

Thursday 6/28: I’m going to the Marvel Premiere of the new Spider-Man movie, because I have connections..

Also happening this month: 1)My Little Sister graduates from High School, we were matched almost 5 years ago when she was in 8th grade–I’m so proud of her (she will be pre-law at John Jay College in the fall), I am going to take her out to brunch to celebrate! 2) We are going to try to get back to our favorite warm-weather restaurant: Habana Outpost  3) A friend of ours in doing an improv show at PIT 4) we might also try to make it to the Met rooftop, another summer tradition, 5) a lot of other fun stuff!


3 responses

  1. What a fun filled week you have planned. NYC is so great in that there is literally an endless list of things to do. Thanks for sharing. You Matter! Smiles, Nancy

  2. We look forward to seeing you at our 90s trivia night with Pat!

  3. LOVE these plans! I’m not in the city right now and this list is totally making me miss it. Good luck on the bike at Governor’s Island. We love the quadricycle – that crazy looking two-row monstrosity with the canopy. Ridiculously fun for reasons I cannot explain.

    And we live right by the Public and always talk about joining just to up our chances of Shakespeare in the Park tix. But we’re lazy and have left it up to fate, with no luck. Great that you nabbed tickets. Enjoy!

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