Kid Crusaders Stick it to the Man, Give Me Hope for the Future

Of course I’ll love my  future hypothetical child no matter how they turn out, but man I really hope I get a little social crusader like one of these kids. They are enough to give you hope for the future.

First,  9-year-old Martha Payne from Scotland: she thought her school lunches were gross and unhealthy so she started a blog, NeverSeconds, featuring a daily photo and review of that day’s meal. Jamie Oliver caught wind, blew up the “Twitterverse”  and in less than a month Martha was getting millions of hits, raising tons of money for an awesome charity, Mary’s Meals, and changed the food the school served adding healthy and fresh foods. Then the local paper picked it up and the council tried to shut her down, but she had waaay more supporters than detractors and the photo ban just got her more attention, more views, and raised even more money for her charity–and the ban didn’t even last a day!

NYC 5th grader Kameron Slade wasn’t quite as lucky as Martha, in that his school never changed their minds. He won a speaking competition in his class with an speech he’d written on the importance of teaching kids about same-sex marriage. But just before he was going to deliver the same speech during a school-wide competition, until his principal stepped in and said that Kameron could not deliver the speech because the topic was “inappropriate.”  He wrote a new speech about the prevention of animal cruelty, but he was far from silenced . The local and national news picked up the story and my favorite news channel NY1 give Kameron the air time to read his full speech on TV! His  wise and brave message of acceptance now has an audience much bigger than the one his principal was trying to keep it from.

Are there any other awesome kids out there sticking it to the Man?


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  1. Ok I feel weird about my comment now because I scrolled back up and this is an old post from over a year ago — it just popped up now in my RSS feed. I MISS GOOGLE READER 😥

    1. kathleenerindavis | Reply

      No Worries! Thanks for reading. And thanks for sharing that video– I love that kid! He is waaay more informed than most adults. The best is when he says “the problem is that it’s outrageous” That and when he’s like: “I read and I use my brain.” YES!

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