New Fitness Trend: Take Anything and Just Add Yoga

Here’s a fun experiment. Pick something, it could be anything. Say it’s babies that look like Winston Churchill. And you’ll start seeing that thing everywhere and you’ll think to yourself–“Wow there sure are a lot of babies that look like Winston Churchill in my general municipality…” But they have always been there and you just haven’t noticed.

After renting a Mini Cooper on our honeymoon, I am now noticing Mini Coopers nearly every other block in our neighborhood. I don’t think more residents of Park Slope have all decided to buy awesome cars in the last 3 weeks, it’s just that I’m more aware of them now.

So, maybe it’s just a product of being a yoga teacher, but I think I spy a new fitness trend in our midst. Combining yoga to other activities.

I submit the following as evidence:

1) Yoga and Cycling: There are numerous options for this  indoor (spinning classes that combine 30 mins of cardio and 30 mins of asana here, here, here, and probably a bunch of other places).  And outdoor bicycling trips that stop for yoga breaks (you can even do it all over the world! or here )

2) Yoga and Hiking or Running: Notorious purveyors of Ayn Rand philosophy and overpriced yoga clothes Lululemon Athletica have a yoga and running club (plus there’s several others). Yoga and hiking trips are exploding all over the place, there’s even one in my beloved Prospect Park.

3) Yoga and Kickboxing: Sounds like someone was inspired by Billy Blanks! This place offers yoga and kickboxing, or um…”Koga”

4) Yoga and Laughing: This has been around for awhile, and is equal parts heartwarming and cheesy, but I think it could be fun but I think I’d have to close my eyes to not feel silly.

5) Yoga and Karaoke: This is the newest yoga trend (in a world where “trends” are less then 100 people doing something). “I’m on a mission to spread joy and have people feel good,” says the teacher Jennifer Pastiloff–in her Karaoke yoga classes students sing and dance while they do yoga. I have nothing snarky to say about this because it sounds like something I would really enjoy.


6) Yoga and Drinking: Okay so I don’t think anyone is suggesting drinking while doing yoga, but there’s a new yoga studio/bar that’s opening in Brooklyn–it’s a yoga studio by day and a bar by night. And some yoga studios offer special wine tasting and yoga events.


I’m sure there’s a lot more things yoga is being combined with, archery? bowling? scrapbooking? Any ideas for the next yoga-combo trend?


8 responses

  1. accidentallyinluv | Reply

    Nice post ! I would love love love to see a post about Zumba. I am so hating on this stupid fitness craze right now and double dare you to take a class and write about it!

    1. kathleenerindavis | Reply

      See I actually love zumba–well I love zumba from the one teacher at the Y near me. I’ve heard other people have had super cheesy zumba teachers, but mine at the Y plays good music and leads creative, fun dances without the cheese. So, sorry–I can’t hate on Zumba.

      1. accidentallyinluv

        Aw but it there is just so much scope to heap sh*t on zumba! So many possibilities! Oh well I might just have to do it myself 🙂 hey by the way, I read a bit of your wedding planning blog. I LOVE kalamzoo!! omG !!!!

  2. Wow, I can’t believe people are actually combining yoga with other activities – yoga is a challenging art and it takes practice and concentration to get the best of it. I’m not sure whether we could really feel the benefits of yoga by combining it with such a variety of different activities..

    1. kathleenerindavis | Reply

      I think combining it with things like cycling and hiking makes a lot of sense as far as opening up and preparing your body for those other activities–but yeah, trying to do them at the SAME time wouldn’t really work!

      1. I agree – yoga is a great way to open up our bodies and can really help with other physical activities. I just feel really zoned out and peaceful after doing yoga, hence why I can’t imagine getting on a bike immediately after it 😉

  3. I suppose you can view yoga as a state of mind, it does teach you to be present in the moment, which is good for all activities. Here are my personal favorites:
    Weeding with yoga: remember to breathe, hold a difficult pose (bending over and pulling up.
    Dishes and yoga: I hate washing dishes by hand, so you can get into tree pose and chant…
    Bathing and yoga: corpse pose with bubbles LOL
    I could go on but I must to work go…
    Nice post!

    1. kathleenerindavis | Reply

      I do tree pose while cooking and doing the dishes all the time!

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