Results of the Pun Safari: Part 1

About two months ago I wrote about my appreciation for a good pun. In what is sure to become an ongoing series, I promised to go on my own Pun Safari  and report back. Here are just some of my findings.

As seen at a Fabric Store near Union Square NYC
Just because I don’t eat meat, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good hot dog pun

Fish’s Eddy NYC: I don’t think a ceramic hand is the best gift, but I do like the pun!

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium Gift Shop in California

Has Beans Coffee Shop: This is my favorite on this list because it’s only a few blocks from my apartment and I visit it regularly. Also it once inspired a long conversation on other punny coffee shop names.

I have a few more in mind (like the doggy style pet grooming salon), so there is another post in the works. If you have any good Pun Safari findings please share!!

3 responses

  1. Awesome sauce. That’s not a pun. I feel like I should leave a punnier reply.

  2. […] dear readers, I asked for it: more findings from pun safaris. And I submit for your approval two more findings from here in New York […]

  3. “Has beans” was my favorite.

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