Muppets are about Love–Everyone’s Love!

Here’s the gist of the story; Chick-fil-A is a crazy extremist Christian fast food chain that prints bible verses on their packaging. The Jim Henson company must not have known about that because they partnered with them to offer five customizable puppet toys  in children’s meals.

Then, last week  president, Chick-fil-A Dan Cathy, told the Baptist Press  that the company was “guilty as charged” when it came to not supporting marriage equality and standing by “biblical family values” (you know in that version of the bible that is super judgmental and hateful, not the one that talks about loving people).

When CEO Lisa Henson,  got wind of that mess, she ended the partnership right then and there and pledged to give the money they had made on the deal to GLAAD. Here’s the quote:

“The Jim Henson Company has celebrated and embraced diversity and inclusiveness for over fifty years and we have notified Chick-fil-A that we do not wish to partner with them on any future endeavors,” the Jim Henson Company wrote on its Facebook page on Friday. “Lisa Henson, our CEO, is personally a strong supporter of gay marriage and has directed us to donate the payment we received from Chick-Fil-A to GLAAD.”

Chick-Fil-A, couldn’t be reached for comment, they are probably busy looking for a bible verse for their fry wrappers that says puppets are evil.

All of this lead to the internet to make this awesome image. Muppets are all about love! Everyone’s love!



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