Interesting info graphic on the most read books. I’m actually surprised that the Bible is still number 1 by such a large lead. So sad the craptastic Twilight ranks, but at least 50 shades isn’t there (yet…) Also not the classics I thought would be there, aren’t there other books that are more commonly assigned in schools? I’ve only read 3 of these, special prize if you can guess which 3.


Thx, HuffPost Books.



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  1. Wonder if they are three of the four and a not quite a half I have read: the Bible (about 1/3 of it); Lord of the Rings (I read the prequel so am counting whatever adds up with 1/3 to make a half); Ann Frank, DaVinci Code, Think and Grow Rich (I thought but did not grow rich–yet), and Gone With the Wind; and, oh yeah I have read 3 of the 5(?) Harry Potters (aloud to my son)–so what does that add up to?

    1. kathleenerindavis | Reply

      I only counted the books that I have read all of (which means I didn’t count the bible) so here are my 3:
      1) Anne Frank (assigned in school)
      2) DaVinci Code (only the first one–back in 2004 when EVERYONE was reading it)
      3) Harry Potter (only the 1st one so far–my husband and I read it together and just finished it, I refused to jump on the bandwagon decades ago)

      1. I jumped on the bandwagon re Harry because of my son–but I really enjoyed the books I read

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