Say Yes to Michigan!

When I lived in London I was unmistakably “American” no matter what. Then I lived to New York, and was told that I “must be from the midwest, because I smile too much.” Only in New York could someone with my inadvertent scowl be consider too happy.

And although I have now lived in New York for almost 7 years (which I heard is the amount of time it takes to be considered “a New Yorker”), I will forever be a Michigan girl (besides according to my husband I still have a Michigan accent). I lived in Michigan for 23 years, and will always have a soft spot for the state (after all its where my entire family lives).

Michigan has been popping up a lot, so I figured I should dedicate a post to my home state.

First, if you ever meet someone from Michigan, you should ask them where in the state they are from. If they don’t show you on their hand, they aren’t really from the mitten state.

(if you’re wondering: I am from just north of Kalamazoo, in a town called Plainwell)

If you think this is strange, you are just jealous that your state isn’t shaped like a body part–Florida, I’m not talking about you..)

The tourism slogan for Michigan has changed over the years. In my youth it was “Say Yes to Michigan” which was pretty good.

But then came the BEST state slogan of all time: Great Lakes, Great Times.

And then in recent years for some reason they changed it to “Pure Michigan,” which honestly I’ve never warmed to. Then my mom posted this “Pure Michigan” tourism video, which is amazingly cheesy, but as a Michiganer, you kind of have to love it.

And last and most important, I was really happy to see the national attention that my (near) hometown of Kalamazoo got this week when the New York Times ran a feature on the Kalamazoo Promise, an amazing program in which public school students in Kalamazoo get all 4 years of college in Michigan paid for. If you read one article this week, make it this one, it will restore your faith in humanity. Get the tissues ready:

Kalamazoo Mich, the City That Pays for College, New York Times– September 13, 2012


3 responses

  1. Great lake, great times!

  2. Hello – My dad was from Plainwell. We have family friends that live there still. I live in Lansing and I wanted to ask you about the hand map image on this article. I would love to use it on Michigan Website. Would you be able to give me any information about it? btw… I really like your thanksgiving tree.

    1. kathleenerindavis | Reply

      Thanks! I don’t really remember where I got it. Maybe try a Google image search for Michigan hand map?

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