The Marriage Equality Debate: Why Is This Even a Blog Post?

Today, as the Supreme Court debated landmark decisions on marriage equality, my friend’s facebook profiles all turned into a sea of red equal signs and quotes and clips like the ones below filled my news feed. And of all the clever memes, this Onion article kind of sums up my feelings the most: Why is this“Yeah, of course gay men and women can get married. Who gives a shit?” Why are we even seriously discussing this?”
Those who defend unequal rights for other people will always end up embarrassingly on the wrong side of history. Those who think that one group of people’s discomfort with the lives of other people is solid footing of laws are missing some fundamentals on how our government was set to function. Those whose lives, loves, families, or marriages are threatened by anyone else’s love or happiness would do better to look at what’s lacking in their homes than what takes place in others.

There is poverty, struggle, violence, global warming, and a host of other problems in the country, and the world. Who can marry who is a silly thing to debate. Consenting adults who (hopefully) love each other. There. Debate solved. Next.


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