My Derby Debut!

Last night was the season opener for Gotham Girls Roller Derby. The Manhattan Mayhem took on the Bronx Gridlock, and I debuted as a rookie jeerleader from the Gridlock.

It was a blast. I am so glad I made that glittery “Boogie Down Bronx” poster. The crowd loved it and it gave me an excuse to dance (and get other people dancing!)

Speaking of dancing…the two weeks of rehearsals paid off and the crowd loved our halftime dance. Check out the video below (taken by my loving husband).

I’ll be marching with the GGRD jeerleaders in the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island on June 22nd, jeering at the travel team invitational in July. Your next chance to see me shake my “lady lumps” at a halftime show will be at the Brooklyn vs Bronx bout on August 3rd.


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  1. sperantaunuiartist | Reply

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Fac portrete in doar 30 de minute la pret de 20 lei
    Acest video clip este dedicat oamenilor ce apreciaza artisti din romania ce din nefericire nu au posibilitatea materiala sa se realizeze ca pictori.

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