“Not Cool Robert Frost!” A Pep Talk from Kid President

Another day, another amazing internet video. Sometimes it seems like the Internet is just filled with crazy people saying hurtful idiotic things, and other days you find videos like the series from “Kid President” and you are once again glad you live in 2013. Even though too much of our time is spent hunched over  tiny glowing screens looking at pointless shit, we are still pretty lucky to live in an age that can bring this kid to our browsers.

This is my favorite one so far: Kid President’s “Pep Talk.” So many great gems: “Stop being boring–boring is easy–anyone can be boring, but you are good-er than that” and “You got air coming through your nose! You got a heartbeat! That means it time to do something!”

Also, the “Not cool Robert Frost!” and the Space Jam bit and Journey bit made me LOL for real. Plus his love of dance — done deal. Happy Monday.


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