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Standing on The Right Side of History

Phew, right? What a 24-hours of news this has been: Wendy Davis’ epic filibuster, SCOTUS invalidates the voting rights act, then rules DOMA unconstitutional and throws out Prop 8.

It’s a mixed bag of news that makes me joyful and frustrated and hopeful and sad. Just So. Many. Feelings.

Let’s focus on the joyful. When we remember this day years from now this is what we will remember. That we stood on the right side of history. Maybe we will call this the day that we stopped calling it “gay marriage” and just call it marriage. The day we declared Love is Love.

Here is a collection of some of my favorites from around the Internet today:

What Facebook and Twitter were like today (From George Takei):

Some witty tweets:

Love ‘unconstitutional’ rulings because they essentially say ‘You are wrong now, and you always were.’

is deemed unconstitutional. In other news, breathing is good for you and blinking is recommended.

You get a civil right! And you get a civil right! Everyone gets a civil right!

Who says Interns just get coffee, this one got to hold a historic decision in his hand and run!
There was also just so many photos of happy people in love, seriously how can you hate on that– HOW?

Emotional and Poignant Images From Today's DOMA & Prop 8 Celebrations

Emotional and Poignant Images From Today's DOMA & Prop 8 Celebrations

Emotional and Poignant Images From Today's DOMA & Prop 8 Celebrations

Emotional and Poignant Images From Today's DOMA & Prop 8 Celebrations

Today is a perfect day to revisit the Garfunkel and Oates classic pro-gay marriage song: “Sex with Ducks”

Obama reminds us that we still have a long way to go: 13 down, 37 to go:

It’s also good to remember the good ol’ Bill Clinton was the one who passed DOMA in the first place. but today he praises the decision to strike down his law

For those that did have a negative reaction to the news, I feel exactly like Nancy Pelosi when they asked for a reaction on Michele Bachmann’s bible-thumping reaction to the DOMA decision:

Haters gonna Hate….Who cares!

And back to badass Wendy Davis (no far as I know). We all agree that what she did was amazing. She literally stood up for women’s rights, when men were literally trying to silence her. Still, Senator Leticia Van de Putte stole the show a tiny bit with this perfectly executed burn. (I think I’m going to preface all insults with “Mr. President Parliamentary Inquiry?…then BURN!”)

But finally, there is no better way to end this celebratory post than this amazing #ProudtoLove video put together by YouTube.

Get ready to cry some happy tears.


How Many Jelly Beans Do You Have Left?

The days are long but the years are so short. Sometimes, even as you get older it can feel like you have plenty of time left. Plenty of time to do all of those things on the long list of life long dreams. But really no matter how you slice it, our time is so so short.

I found this short video it be a  bittersweet reminder of that.

Writers Write: On Committing to Showing Up

Working full time and having a life makes it difficult to find the motivation to spend even more time in front of a computer at the end of long days.

And writing a novel is a long process that seems like it will never end and even if it does, then what?

It can all feel so daunting and hopeless, and watching T.V. can just sound so much more appealing.

But recently, I’ve been inspired by people who don’t make excuses and just put their butts in the chair and write 1,000 words a day no matter what. So I’m trying to get back in a regular and more disciplined groove — 25 minutes a night to start. So far so good. Here’s some more writing inspiration:

the wordplayer's manifesto.

Flying Trapeze: Another Life Long Goal Accomplished!

Today I checked another life long dream off of my list. Thanks to my wonderful book club friends who all chipped in and bought me a gift certificate to FLYING TRAPEZE!! (Sorry, but all caps were totally called for).

And here is one of the videos (I also did a catch!). The slogan of the Flying Trapeze School is “Forget Fear. Worry About Addiction.” I can see why.

As a side note: Of course I think yoga is good for what ails ya. So often people have pain and discomfort that I think could be solved with yoga and even at flying trapeze, I think my yoga practice helped me immensely.

A Manual for Daily Adventure

You might not know this about me, but I’m a sucker for an inspirational quote. In fact I have books of quotes I’ve copied down over the years, post-its of quotes on my bulletin board, and 100s of quotes pinned on Pinterest.

While not exactly a quote per se, the below is a pretty inspirational way to approach the daily grind. I will attempt to incorporate these into my daily life. Maybe you will too?
Happy Friday!

A Manual For Daily Adventure


Two More Life Goals Accomplished!

I recently returned from a wonderful vacation to an all inclusive resort in Jamaica. While there I accomplished two more of my life long goals: I swam with dolphins and went parasailing. Both were amazing (photos below).

The full list is here, and for anyone keeping track, that’s 5 out of 28. These are the first two goals I’ve crossed off in 2013 (although I technically did write my name in wet cement on 6th ave in Brooklyn a few months ago, I don’t count it because the construction crew covered it up). I will be crossing another off my list in a couple weeks when I cash in the gift certificate for a flying trapeze lesson that my lovely friends got me for my birthday. Last year I accomplished 3 goals, so I’m right on track!


Illustrating the Great Pop vs. Soda Debate

I’m fascinated by language and the subtle ways the human experience can vary while seeming so similar. I think pop culture makes us feel like everything is homogeneous the world over, but as soon as you travel you find the small (sometimes seemingly insignificant) ways every place is unique.

I think that you are not truly “from” a place until you leave it. I had never been defined by my nationality until I lived in another country. Similarly, I never gave much thought to my Midwestern upbringing until I moved to the East Coast and the accent and attitude I never knew I had became instant identifier.

While I haven’t lived in Michigan for nearly a decade, I think many of my attitudes, and certainly my speech are still marked by my home state.  Which is perhaps why I found these series of maps illustrating the linguistic differences in the U.S. so fascinating. Here are a few of my favorites, that show the chasm between where I grew up and where I live now. 

You say “paJamas” I say “pajAMas”
Some of the deepest schisms in America are over the pronunciation of the second syllable of


They laughed at me in Chicago and NYC for saying “pop,” and now I have to remind myself not to ask for “soda” when I go to Michigan for a visit.

Everyone knows that the Midwest calls it

You drink from it, and it’s a fountain. Why would you call it anything else?

Let's ignore the East Coast/West Coast split and notice that Wisconsin and Rhode Island call a water fountain a


These maps didn’t cover it, but I’d also be interested to see the nationwide usage of “sliding board” instead of “slide” for the common piece of playground equipment. I am convinced that only my husband and his family (all from Eastern PA) use this term, but he insists it’s more widely spread.