The Fairy Tale Story of How GoldieBlox Broke onto the Pink Aisle

It’s no secret that I’m a pretty ardent feminist. I never hesitate to call bull shit on the patriarchy. And there is a lot of BS that goes on in the way we socialize our girls. Once my niece is old enough to articulate the types of toys she wants, I might relent and buy her a stereotypically girl toy. But so far for the first 3 years of her life we have managed to buy her pretty gender neutral toys.

But it’s hard when everything is divided into pink and every other color. Dress-up/Princesses/Domestic Chores vs. Building/Learning/pretending/and yes lots of violence.

The toy aisles feel like some time warp to gender stereotypes from the 1950s.

Which is why I was so excited and interested to follow the story of GoldieBlox, an engineering toy for girls. This toy and the inventor of it has had an amazing journey over the last few months — she went from idea, to Kickstarter to in EVERY Toys R Us store.  I pitched the story when her Kickstarter video went viral and it didn’t come to fruition.  But today, my profile of the founder and how this awesome toy came to be came out.

I’m excited about this one guys. Read it here, I think you’ll like it. And here’s an awesome video to set the tone of bad-assery.


2 responses

  1. OMG I got goosebumps !!!! Too good not to share!!

    1. kathleenerindavis | Reply

      Thanks! I have really loved this story for a year and I’m so glad I finally got to write about it and I’m thrilled that other people have enjoyed it as well.

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