Making My Mark on NYC, Another Life-Long Dream: Check!

Writing my name in wet cement has been a life-long dream of mine since I was a kid, but circumstances have always conspired against me. For years I seemed to only encounter newly poured sidewalks when they were already too dry to write in.

Then, last spring on my way home from a yoga class I noticed a fresh square of sidewalk that the workers had just walked away from.  After creating an elaborate cover in which I found a stick, and pretended to tie my shoe, I FINALLY wrote my tag (Kate=Great) neatly in the corner. I returned with my camera a few days later to record my accomplishment only to find that it had been smoothed over and replaced with large scribbles of children. I walk by this piece of sidewalk several times a week and it mocks me every time.

Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago, when my mom came to visit, we were walking in Manhattan and Mark pointed out a tiny patch of sidewalk that was being repaired. It wasn’t the grand canvas that I had  originally wanted, but it was good enough. My mom and Mark acted as cover as I wrote my name.

I returned this weekend and found that it’s still there! Another life-long dream: check!

So if you are ever on 34th street near Lexington Ave in Manhattan, look for the tiny mark I have left on the city.




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