Things I’m Loving Lately

Just a quick little round up post of things I’ve discovered are great:

First, remember my post last month when I mentioned friend Yosra and the inspiring way she’s battling cancer? Well, you are going to want to take a look at this beautiful video with Yosra, put together by the tour crew for Beyonce. And check out Yosra’s website chronicling her fight while you are at it.

Second, I’ve read some great writing advice recently (which happened to also be beautifully illustrated). 1. Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

2. 14 Writers Handwrite Their Writing Advice on Their Hands

And finally, I will leave you with pictures of adorable puppies. Mark and I have talked about getting a dog for years now…and I’m still not sure if we are ready. But we sure had a great time getting to know lots of great dogs and cats at Meet the Breeds today. Here are just a few highlights:



P.S. If you want to read my yoga insights, I’m writing about the power of using props in your yoga practice over on my other blog, KateAsana.


3 responses

  1. Can I have that first dog? My birthday is coming up 😉

    1. kathleenerindavis | Reply

      Sorry, I love him too much. Maybe we can time share him. I’ve already named him: Toby P. Pumi

  2. […] dabbled in sharing my current obsessions in the past (In September I was loving my inspirational friends, creative writing advice, and cute puppies, and in January I was recommending my friend’s music, Mental Floss‘ dissection of  a […]

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