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My Personal 2013 Highligh Reel

Some people (like my husband) feel that forced reflection at the end of every December is silly and that the whole concept of New Years is pretty arbitrary (these people also feel that it’s ridiculous to pay tons of money to drink in an overcrowded bar on December 31st).

But other people (like me), love the excuse to reflect, remember and list things.After all, as Kermit the Frog said in Muppet Family Christmas, “If it wasn’t for times like these, life would pass by in a blur.”

Below (and mostly for my enjoyment) is my personal highlight reel of 2013 (Here’s my 2012 list). Consider it my annual holiday letter (and likely the first in a batch of New Year’s-related posts).


  • On New Year’s Day I found out that I made the Gotham Girls Roller Derby team, later in the month I found out that I was a Bronx Backseat Betty. There was A LOT of Roller Derby moments in 2013.
  • Mark and I take my brother, sister-in-law, nephew and mom to Disney World as a Christmas gift. The trip was my first visit to Disney and also came the day after coming down with a really bad flu.


  • A big snow means a day of sledding and winter fun
  • Valentines Day brings a night out of dancing and a lovely meal and a month-long spa pass.


  • More roller derby events, lots of family birthdays, hanging out with friends.


  • Daily Show taping, start a few months of Anti-gravity yoga.
  • Jeer in my first derby bout!
  • Travel to Vermont to celebrate father-in-law’s 70th birthday.
  • Turn 32 and have a wonderful day seeing Ethan Hawke and Garfunkel and Oates, followed by a weekend celebration with friends that includes Casablanca-themed burlesque, and great food and drinks.


  • Ray and Richard visit from Florida and we take the city by storm including a visit to the cherry blossom festival and Yankees game.
  • Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs concert in park, Josh Ritter Concert, Aspera dancers at BAM.
  • Got a car.
  • Celebrate 5 years together at the same places as our first date.  Travel to resort in Jamaica for an amazing 1 year wedding anniversary trip — where I cross TWO more things off of my list of life long dreams– swimming with dolphins and parasailing.


  • Day with Hilary on her visit to NYC, Jazz Age Lawn Party, Mermaid Parade, Film Fest.
  • Check off another life long dream at the flying trapeze.
  • Travel to PA for Rob and Katie’s wedding.


  • 4th of July BBQ and Coney Island day.
  • Trip to Long Island to visit family @ the beach.
  • Yoga in the park, Philharmonic in the park, movies in the park.


  • Cabin weekend in Lake George.
  • Jeered in another derby bout.
  • Mom takes NYC by storm.
  • Jazz Age Lawn Party.


  • Labor Day/Mark’s Birthday weekend in Wildwood NJ.
  • Jeered in another derby bout.
  • Meet the Breeds, Maker Faire, Lego art exhibit.
  • Early fall hike in NJ with friends.


  • Roller derby Championship bout.
  • Halloween visit to the Bronx Zoo and New York Botanical Garden.
  • Roller skating, Halloween parade, Jeerleader photoshoot.
  • Pumpkin Patch trip in NJ.
  • Halloween Party.


  • Traveled to PA for MarBQ.
  • Ended job at Entrepreneur.
  • Started job at Fast Company.
  • Thanksgiving at home with friends.


  • Ice skating, holiday markets, cookie baking, present wrapping, Annual Love Actually watching, parties, concerts.
  • Traveled to Michigan and PA for Christmas with family.
  • Had amazing fake Christmas with Mark.