Memories in a jar

There is one more thing I’ve started for 2014 that I forgot to mention in my last post. I’ve started a memory jar for the year.

The idea is one that plays well with my resolution of mindfulness. Often, when I try to remember a year nearly all of the details get lost. If you’re lucky you can glimpse that amazing moment on the beach battling the waves with your three year old niece or the snow falling against the colors of the sunset on top of the best sledding hill in Michigan. But most likely all the small and beautiful moments that make up what life really is get lost.

Sure, pictures help, but as the years pass they end up just differentiating which was the year you went to Hershey vs. the Poconos. Several years ago I started a two sentence journal where I write a couple sentences at the end of every  day to help remember my daily life. It’s been a helpful way to see the patterns and changes of my life especially since I don’t keep up my actual diary/journal very well.


But this is something different– this memory jar (which is currently an antique sugar bowl that was in the back of the cupboard), holds moments of happiness and joy and peace and love and friendship that slip away from long term memories. On December 31, 2014 I’ll take them all out and read like fortune cookies, all of the best moments of my year.


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