Introducing The First Issue Of Katastrophic Thoughts The Zine!

“Katastrophic Thoughts” has taken many forms over the years : my high school and college newspaper opinion columns, and for the last two and a half years this blog.

But since so much of my life is spent online, I have longed to do something a little more hands on and smaller scale. So in July I started work on an analog version of Katastropic Thoughts.

This isn’t my first foray into making a zine, I had a four issue run of an alternative teen magazine in high school, read only by me. It was hand written and created mostly by cutting words and images out of my Seventeen YM magazines.

My new zine is slightly higher tech, but only slightly: It was created mostly with MS Word and a copy machine.

Katastrophic Thoughts the zine is slightly different than Katastrophic Thoughts the blog, or rather an amplified and expanded version of one part of the blog’s content. Yes, it is a feminist zine, but it by no means just for women.


In other words, if you like what you read on this site, you’ll likely like the zine.

Take a look at the first issue’s table of contents below to get a better idea of what’s inside:

• Words to the wise…
Some thoughts on getting started

• World Changing Ways…
A cause that you should care about.

• Your New Feminist BFF…
This bad ass woman may have lived 150 years ago but you’ll still wish she your best friend.

• A Feminist By Any Other Name…
Consider it a PSA that’s long overdue

• Writing a New Chapter In The History Of Pink …
Forget #LikeAGirl, can’t we just let kids be people?

• That’s Not All She Wrote: Short Fiction…
Silver Lining, a story about the weather.

• Retrospective: A Moment in Feminist History…
Remember that time a bunch of feminists had a sit in at the offices of Ladies Home Journal? You will now.

• Required Reading: Books You Need to Love…
Men Explain Things to Us, we raise our hands for funny women and more.

• Group Think: Crowdsourced wisdom…
I take to the Internet to get a smart take on dealing with Street Harassment

If you’d like a copy, send me an email at kathleenerindavis at gmail dot com

Katastropic Thoughts the zine is a quarterly ad-free print-only publication and is currently funded, written, produced, printed and distributed all by yours truly. If you’d like more information, have ideas or questions or want to contribute in any way please send me an email! P1040095

My first reader enjoying his advance copy!



4 responses

  1. I would like one! But I live in Australia… Is that too far away?

    1. kathleenerindavis | Reply

      We can figure it out, send me an email!

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