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The 2014 That Was

Happy New Years Eve Eve!

It’s the prescribed thing to reflect on the last 12 months this time of year. And I love this sort of thing (see past recap posts here).  Mark and I sent a year-end recap Holiday letter out this year with our Christmas cards. So I’ll share that here (with some extras I wasn’t able to fit into the printed version):

Dear  Friends,

We had an eventful year in 2014, filled with many trips. In the winter we embraced the Polar Vortex by travelling to the Poconos in January for a long weekend of winter sports. In February Kate travelled to Massachusetts for a baby shower, one of several she’d attend, as many of our friends became parents for the first time this year!





In March we travelled to Peru for the trip of a lifetime: nine days hiking the Inca Trail, exploring the Amazon jungle and visiting the mountain towns and people.



When spring finally came in April and May we got outside more, enjoying the cherry blossoms at the botanical garden, participating in two bike tours, and our first 5K (at the Bronx Zoo!). We also welcomed a new niece, Reagan, to our family, celebrated Kate’s 33rd birthday with friends, and celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary with a long weekend trip to Niagara Falls.




Summer was a busy season as usual. Kate took an eight-week sign language course, and marched in the annual Mermaid Parade with the Gotham Girls Roller Derby Jeerleaders and Mark played softball with Marvel’s team. In between trips to the Governor’s island, baseball games, and cookouts, we travelled to Michigan to visit Kate’s family in both the upper and lower peninsulas.



We celebrated Mark’s 37th birthday with a long weekend trip to a cabin in Lake George with friends over Labor Day. Later in September we travelled to Chicago for Kate to speak on a panel at the American Society of News Editors and were able to squeeze in another quick visit with family in Michigan.



Fall brought hikes enjoying the foliage, pumpkin and apple picking, and of course our annual Spooktacular (Mark dressed as Hans Solo and Kate as Rosie the Riveter). In October we adopted a little orange kitten that we named Snuffleupagus Pumpkin.



Our Thanksgiving was relaxing and low-key at home, followed by Kate’s mom’s visit to NYC and the whirlwind of Christmas season.



We also experienced a lot of loss this year, but we are grateful that we had each other and our friends and families to get us though. We wish you comfort and joy this holiday season and a year of adventures and happiness in 2015!



Kate & Mark



Bonus pictures: