Issue #2 Of Katastrophic Thoughts Now Available!

Yes, January is officially the bleakest, most depressing month of the year, but now you have something to brighten your month: A brand new (and still free!) issue of Katastrophic Thoughts (analog zine version).

If you’d like a copy send me your mailing address to kathleenerindavis at gmail dot com


Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in the issue:

  • Words to the wise
    Eleanor Roosevelt Edition
  • Retrospective: A Moment in Feminist History
    The night the two most admired women in the world snuck off for a nighttime flight in evening gowns.

  • World Changing Ways 
    A cause that you should care about.
  • Your New Feminist BFF
    A woman so powerful she was called “her “the best man in the cabinet.” In the 1930s

  • Speaking About The Unspeakable
    An essay about one of the few remaining taboos about a woman’s body.

  • What’s in A Name?
    In which we all agree that women are people and think about what a name really means.

  • That’s Not All She Wrote: Short Fiction
    Twenty Dollars…A story about money, and the people we appear to be.

  • Required Reading: Books You Need to Love
    A book about trying to get pregnant, the odd history of Wonder Woman, and other must reads.


Katastropic Thoughts the zine is a quarterly ad-free print-only publication and is currently funded, written, produced, printed and distributed all by yours truly. If you’d like more information, have ideas or questions or want to contribute in any way please send me an email!



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  1. […] my birthday and you get the present! The Spring 2015 issue (#3) of Katastrophic Thoughts (the analog zine version) is now available. It will go out to subscribers next week, and if you are in New York I’ll […]

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