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Happy Spring! Issue #3 Of Katastrophic Thoughts Now Available!

It’s my birthday and you get the present! The Spring 2015 issue (#3) of Katastrophic Thoughts (the analog zine version) is now available. It will go out to subscribers next week, and if you are in New York I’ll have all three issues at the Brooklyn Zine Fest on Sunday April 28th.

Otherwise send me an email to get your hand on a copy: kathleenerindavis at gmail dot com

Here’s a taste of what’s in this issue:


What’s in this issue:

  • Words to the wise
    Screw up your courage to the sticking point
  • Retrospective: A Moment in Feminist History
    When over 1,000 women flew planes in WWII
  • World Changing Ways
    Honoring a beautiful spirit by helping others.
  • Your New Feminist BFF
    You know Rosa Parks, but do you know the other women behind the Montgomery bus boycott? Now you will.
  • I’m not sexist, but…
    Exploring the subtle ways unconscious bias creeps into our daily lives
  • Talkin’ Bout Revolution 
    How We Can Do More Than Just “Raise Awareness”
  • Beyond Ball Gowns and Place Settings
    Giving The First Ladies at The Smithsonian The Respect They Deserve
  • The Happy Feminist
    There is a lot to be angry about, but we should celebrate our wins as well.
  • Required Reading
    Books I’ve loved, books I hope to love and now comic and zine recommendations!