It’s Been A Year! Announcing The Fall 2015 Issue Of Katastrophic Thoughts!

With issue #5 of Katastrophic Thoughts I have officially out lasted my high school zine. A year ago I announced the first issue of my old-school printed and photocopied feminist zine. And now here I am “dropping” my second Fall edition. Hope you all have enjoy this project as much as I have.

Here’s a taste of what’s in the latest issue:

This issue’s theme: Hard Work

  • Retrospective: A Moment in Feminist History
    The first woman for president, swim across the English Channel, fly around the world, and more.
  • World Changing Ways
    Who narrates the world, creates it.
  • Your New Feminist BFF
    A Native American woman who fought for her people.
  • Think of the Children!
    In which the government loses it shit over nipples
  • Your Ultimate Feminist Halloween Costume Guide
    Pay tribute to awesome women on the best holiday of the year
  • Required Reading (and watching and listening)


Single issue: $5. Return subscribers discount annual (four issue) subscription: $20, New subscriptions: $25.

Back issues are available for $4 each or $15 of all four back issues.


Contact me at kathleenerindavis at gmail dot com for more info.


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