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Introducing ICYMI: A Week Of Katastrophic Thoughts (an email newsletter)

I’m thinking of starting a weekly email newsletter. Here is the first one that I put together today. Take a look and if you like it you can subscribe here! We’ll see where this promises….


Do you need another email? I don’t know, probably not. But do you like a collection of fun and interesting stuff curated from one smarty to another? I’m going to go with a hell yes. So let’s try this out together shall we?

Here’s the plan: I’ll compile a weekly Newsletter that come zooming into your inbox (probably on Friday afternoons when you aren’t getting thing done anymore anyways, but idk maybe we can change the date if Friday afternoon it’s when peeps want their minds blown.)

Speaking of blowing your mind, that’s the plan with this newsletter. A collection of the interesting things from around the internets that I’ve read (and maybe written and/or published too) with some of my probably/hopefully witty commentary.

Enough of the preamble, let’s get started.

So much this week. Yes the Back to the Future Day happened, and from now on all of the “future” in those movies are the past. Whoa, heavy. We have a new smartphone every nine months but we are all still waiting for our hover boards. where are our priorities?  Really it just says a lot about the power of nostalgia that we cared about movies with horrible gender politics ( but awesome music) this much.

But let’s get real. The single biggest piece of entertainment news this week: GILMORE GIRLS IS COMMING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!  

loreili gif

It’s just too much to process. And I will take none of your naysaying, yes we are all disappointed the Sookie probably isn’t coming back, but this is what we’ve waited for. This is everything. Let’s just hope Rory is single because I just can’t with her poor choices in boys.

One last bit of Gilmore news. You must read this article about a teenager with cancer who visited the set through Make A Wish in 2003. ALL of the feels. Ok, I’ll move on now but I could write a whole Gilmore Girl Newsletter so I hope you appreciate my restraint.

Slack product designer Diogenes Brito wrote a great piece this week about the tiny but really important choice to use a brown hand in promo materials. It will make you think about big picture representation issues and re-think using yellow as your default emoiji. But NEVER re-think your use of the smirking cat or dancing single ladies. Those are always appropriate.

You, like me, probably love everything Kid President does (because he’s awesome) but I’m particularly loving his Awesome Girls project. He crushed it this week with wonderful rap about famous women and everyday girls who are working to make the world a better place. Also, I really want that cardboard cassette player!

Speaking of crushing it, SNL cast member Sasheer Zamata also crushed it this week with a pitch perfect (and funny!) video explaining white male privilege (she was just named the ACLU celebrity ambassador for women’s rights, btw)

This Atlantic article about how friendship changes over time will make you sad  but it’s worth reading (and then vowing to be a better friend but still sending 15 emails back and forth about how you should catch up “soon.”

Unfortunately, the MTA has decided that despite the fact that millions of the people that ride the subway also get periods, they are just too gross to even hint at in advertising. But ads about how your boobs aren’t big enough are A-OK. Or as Jezebel put it: Female sexuality is all fun and games unless it’s actually through the female gaze, isn’t it!”  

Speaking of women (and aren’t I always?),  Suffragette opens this weekend, and we should all support it with our dollars to send Hollywood a message to keep making movies about Bad Ass Bitches getting shit down. I don’t think they have any merch for the movie but maybe they can bring back this Suffragette card game from 1909? 

And finally, speaking of supporting with your dollars, my husband is competing in a trivia night next week with his Marvel coworkers to benefit the very cool kid’s writing workshops 826NYC If you donate $10 to his teammate Matt Faustini’s page he’ll draw an awesome picture of you. Mine is based on my Halloween costume from last year and it’s now my favorite picture of me. Thanks for reading!