“I Object to Objectification”

I happened upon this amazing anti-street harassment mural a few weeks ago in Bed Stuy. It takes up almost an entire block and was created by a group of young women artists from Groundswell Public Art. The official title is “Respect is the Strongest Compliment.”

RespectIsTheStrongestCompliment image 6

“We want to be seen less as objects, and more as humans who deserve at the very least, basic dignity to walk the streets safely,” explained the lead artist Danielle McDonald

According to their website, the artists researched and referenced concepts from feminist activist graphic art and political posters and referenced Ms. Marvel comics to help build a graphic narrative.

Respect Is The Strongest Compliment image 4

This mural isn’t only important because it give a large visual representation to a struggle that likely all women in the city have dealt with, but that representation is large and unavoidable for men as much as it is for women. While women are the ones most directly affected by street harassment, we can’t stop it on our own. Maybe walking by this giant reminder everyday will help men pause and reconsider.

If you are in New York and want to check it out, it’s at 1102 Myrtle Avenue in Bed Stuy Brooklyn.


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