So What’s This All About?

Hi, My name is Kate and I have a blogging problem. I’ve had more 5 blogs over the last two years. There’s my first blog, Full of Wit, where I mostly posted commentary on current events. Then there’s my food/cooking blog, Food Babies, that I co-wrote with my bff. There’s my photo-a-day blog, My 29th Year, One Photo at a Time, that kind of explains itself. I became a yoga teacher in 2011, so of course I started a yoga and health blog, Kate Asana. I also got engaged the same year, so I started a wedding planning blog, Wedding Planning for Better and Worse.

And if all that wasn’t enough, there’s my website:, and my day job as an Editor at, and of course Twitter. 


The unsurprising problem with such a scattered online presence is that it leaves me, well, scattered. And the result is that one or two blogs will get a lot of attention and the others will be ignored for weeks or months.  So the purpose of this blog it to aggergate my online life into one hopefully frequently updated place.

All of the topics covered here won’t be for everyone, but they are all different parts of my interest and (dare I say) expertise.

Lastly, why “Katastrophic Thoughts? It was the name of my high school and college newspaper columns, so why not?

Exciting update! I am creating the first issue of the analog edition of Katastrophic Thoughts out in the Fall of 2014. If you’d like to receive an issue send me an email at kathleenerindavis [at] gmail [dot com]

5 responses

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  2. accidentallyinluv | Reply

    I really like your blog but I don’t like the title. You are a great writer but I don’t think the title fits that well with what you are writing about. I stumbled upon your blog by accident but if I hadn’t taken the time to read your posts – I wouldn’t realise how awesome they are and how I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE !!!! Really, they are great, but a title that is more in line with your content will catch the attention of the readers that will really appreciate your work!
    Can’t wait to read your next post,
    – accidentallyinluv

    1. kathleenerindavis | Reply

      I’m glad you like my writing! Sorry you don’t like the title–it’s a pun that’s close to my heart–and since the blog is a mixed bag of content I didn’t really know what else to name it. Any suggestions?

      1. accidentallyinluv

        I don’t know, maybe like “how to do life” or something?

  3. I had the same problem, so many blogs and so many interests- I was scattered. So I cleared them all and now have one. Still not sure where it’s going entirely but I’m more comfortable with it than any other blog.

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