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A Very Punny Update

Well dear readers, I asked for it: more findings from pun safaris. And I submit for your approval two more findings from here in New York City:

1) (submitted by my lovely and talented friend Jennifer Johnson) An underwear store called “Brief Encounters” Love it!!

2) Spotted yesterday in Union Square’s Green Market–I love a good wine pun!

Keep ’em coming!!

Results of the Pun Safari: Part 1

About two months ago I wrote about my appreciation for a good pun. In what is sure to become an ongoing series, I promised to go on my own Pun Safari  and report back. Here are just some of my findings.

As seen at a Fabric Store near Union Square NYC
Just because I don’t eat meat, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good hot dog pun

Fish’s Eddy NYC: I don’t think a ceramic hand is the best gift, but I do like the pun!

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium Gift Shop in California

Has Beans Coffee Shop: This is my favorite on this list because it’s only a few blocks from my apartment and I visit it regularly. Also it once inspired a long conversation on other punny coffee shop names.

I have a few more in mind (like the doggy style pet grooming salon), so there is another post in the works. If you have any good Pun Safari findings please share!!

The Pun Also Rises: Going on a Pun Safari

I used to cringe when I heard a pun, like many people I thought they were one of the cheesiest forms of humor and I fancied myself dry and witty. Then I got my first magazine job and my boss would routinely call me into his office to help him come up with punny headlines for articles.

Over time I learned to enjoy this as a kind of a fun mental exercise for word geeks. Are puns the highest (or even most hilarious) form of humor? Most certainly not, but they take a certain amount of knowledge of the world we live in both past and present and a love of words and the idiosyncrasies  of the English language along with the desire to poke fun at things—in other words I was made to love puns I just didn’t know it.

So I was excited to see this video by John Pollack, the author of a book about puns called The Pun Also Rises: How the Humble Pun Revolutionized Language, Changed History, and Made Wordplay More Than Some Antics, as he goes on a pun safari in New York City.

Sadly his safari, in my opinion, missed tons of great pun gems. Two instantly spring to mind: Has Beans, the South Park Slope coffee shop I pass every day, and Doggy Style the pet grooming salon in Soho near my old office. So in my mind the gauntlet has been thrown. I will document a better punnier New York! Feel free to share your favorite puns that you’ve seen out in the world (in or outside of NYC)