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Happy New Year: It’s Issue #6 of Katastrophic Thoughts!


A new year, a whole new issue! Here’s what to expect from the Winter 2016 (Issue #6):

  • Retrospective: A Moment in Feminist History
    The day that nearly every woman in Iceland went on strike and changed history.
  • World Changing Ways
    When getting your period means dropping out of school and the people working to change that.
  • Your New Feminist BFF
    The sisters who gave up everything to fight for people who had nothing.
  • Yes,And
    On Feminism’s problem with Intersectionality (and a solution).
  • Welcome Home
    A short story about loss.
  • Required Reading
    (and watching and listening)

Issues will go out to subscribers early next week. If you are not on the list but want to get on it email me for details: kathleenerindavis at gmail dot com


It’s Been A Year! Announcing The Fall 2015 Issue Of Katastrophic Thoughts!

With issue #5 of Katastrophic Thoughts I have officially out lasted my high school zine. A year ago I announced the first issue of my old-school printed and photocopied feminist zine. And now here I am “dropping” my second Fall edition. Hope you all have enjoy this project as much as I have.

Here’s a taste of what’s in the latest issue:

This issue’s theme: Hard Work

  • Retrospective: A Moment in Feminist History
    The first woman to..run for president, swim across the English Channel, fly around the world, and more.
  • World Changing Ways
    Who narrates the world, creates it.
  • Your New Feminist BFF
    A Native American woman who fought for her people.
  • Think of the Children!
    In which the government loses it shit over nipples
  • Your Ultimate Feminist Halloween Costume Guide
    Pay tribute to awesome women on the best holiday of the year
  • Required Reading (and watching and listening)


Single issue: $5. Return subscribers discount annual (four issue) subscription: $20, New subscriptions: $25.

Back issues are available for $4 each or $15 of all four back issues.


Contact me at kathleenerindavis at gmail dot com for more info.

Introducing Your Perfect Beach Read: The Summer Issue Of Katastrophic Thoughts

Just in time for the dog days of summer, it’s issue #4 of Katastrophic Thoughts the zine. Issues will go out to subscribers later this week or early next week. If you’d like a subscription, single issue, or back issues, email me at kathleenerindavis at gmail dot com.


Here’s a peek of what’s in the issue:

  • Words to the wise 
    Stop tweeting and take some action!
  • Retrospective: A Moment in Feminist History
    The two gutsy women who were the first to run the Boston Marathon.
  • World Changing Ways
    Madre:Demanding Rights, Resources & Results For Women
  • Your New Feminist BFF
    Suffragette, activist, cartoonist, drew the inspiration for Wonder Woman.
  • My Month Without Makeup (a version of this essay ran online here)
    In which I battle with the idea that my face is “unprofessional”
  • Unraveling the Woman Tax
    Seriously, how is this still a thing?
  • Required Reading
    some pretty heavy beach reads
  • Late-Breaking Lady News
    Updates on what’s happened since last time and some final thoughts.

Collect the full set of all four issues!